Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sparkling wine sangria, a refreshing drink for hot summer days

On these hot summer days, one of the things I like to do is to drink refreshing cool drinks. I decided to prepare a sangria-like beverage in order to make use of an opened bottle of sparkling wine that was in the fridge.

2.5 dl of sparkling wine
3.3 dl apple cider
3 dl of soda pop
1 peach
30 g of blueberries
5 basil leaves

1. Cut the peach with the skin into a pitcher. Add the blueberries and the basil leaves after being torn.

2. Add the sparkling wine, the cider and the soda pop.

3. Add ice and serve.

Do not add any sugar. The apple cider and soda pop are sweet enough. Drink it ice-cold. It will be a refreshing delight!

[ Originally published in Portuguese as Sangria de espumante bem fresca para beber nestes dias quentes ]

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  1. I love sangria but I never got home. Now with recipe latita I will try. I follow you. If you follow me then you too will exchange recipes.